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Cocoa creams and chocolatesCocoa creams and chocolates »

High - quality white, light brown, dark brown cocoa cream, chocolate sticks, sugar sticks, black and white chocolates.
Oils and margarinesOils and margarines »

Fat palm and coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm olein. Many sorts of industrial margarines in percentage content - 60% - 80% .
Marmalades and jamsMarmalades and jams »

Including apple, hip jams and
Milk powders Milk powders  »


 Everything necessary - emulsifying  agents,  stabilizers, colouring agents, dry filling creams, baking soda, hartshorn, baking powder, citric
SpicesSpices »

This group includs cocoa powder, coconut  flakes, sesame, cinnamon, poppy seed, caraway
FlavouringsFlavourings »

Liquid and powder - lemon, vanilla, caramel,
Egg powdersEgg powders »

Egg mixture, white of
SweetenerSweetener »

Glukose-fructose syrup,