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Company History
Wednesday 24 October 2007

Since  1993  Saveya  Commerce Ltd  has  striven to  achieve  a  level  of  customer  service  and satisfaction that  is unsurpassed in the industry. High qualified team ensures that our clients receive the maximum in product utilization.
Saveya Commerce Ltd is a rapidly growing trade company specialized in the field of food industry. The clients are enterprises, producing sausages, confectionery and other food products. The company delivers supplements, makeweidht, seasons and flavouring substances, natural and polyamide covers, palm oils, packaging, stretch films, etc.  
Saveya Commerce Ltd
Wednesday 24 October 2007

Saveya Commerce Ltd

Company People:
Young, dynamic, experienced and enthusiastic
Very well educated 46 % of university graduates
Average age: 30 years (Managers: 37 years)
Average years of employment: > 3 years
Growth and development within the organization
Present number of employees: 65